Tips for Attending a SQL Saturday

Andy Levy
Matt (blog | twitter) is preparing for his first SQL Saturday presentation next weekend in Washington, DC. He’s asked: I wanted to get an idea of some good, bad, and surprise experiences that people had at everything from a SQL Server User Group meeting to PASS Summit. Things you found out right before, during or even after that you were glad you did or wish you did. Random Thoughts SQL Saturdays are similar to PASS Summit, but much smaller in scope and budget.

T-SQL Tuesday #108 - Learning Tech Beyond SQL Server

Malathi Mahadevan (blog|twitter) is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, a monthly blog party for the SQL Server community. Malathi has asked us to: Pick one thing you want to learn that is not SQL Server. Write down ways and means to learn it and add it as another skill to your resume. If you are already learning it or know it – explain how you got there and how it has helped you.

PASS Summit: Planting Seeds of Knowledge

Andy Levy
On the eve of this year’s PASS Summit, I find myself reflecting on my first Summit in 2012. My employer was generous enough to pay for not only Summit itself, but a pre-con session on Tuesday as well. I was a developer with an interest in SQL Server and PowerShell at the time, not a DBA. Becoming a DBA wasn’t on my radar yet. Regardless, I used the opportunity to attend a full-day class on managing SQL Server with PowerShell, taught by Allen White (blog | twitter).

I Will See You in Seattle!

A few weeks ago, I teased good news. just got some good news. can't wait to share it — Andy Levy (@ALevyInROC) July 20, 2018 One person hypothesized that I’m joining Microsoft (it seems to be the thing to do lately) and another jumped to the conclusion that I must be pregnant. Both creative responses, but not quite correct. I’ll be at PASS Summit 2018! So much to do! Pick some sessions Make my checklist of #sqlfamily I need to see Find a way to pack lighter (I think the iPad will stay home this time) Up my selfie game Get back into shape for #sqlrun Print up some more dbatools ribbons Figure out the social media photo situation (see above, “Up my selfie game”) If you’re attending Summit, let’s meet up!

Volunteer for PASS!

Andy Levy
This week, I had the opportunity to be the moderator for Joseph Barth’s (blog|twitter) 24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview session about Azure Data Factory V2. It was fun, easy, and I encourage you to sign up to do the same! Throughout the year, PASS hosts a number of online learning events. 24 Hours of PASS and virtual chapter webinars being the most common/visible. And in each session, the presenter needs a little help managing questions and watching the clock so they can focus on delivering their great content.

Becoming a Production DBA - A Family Decision

Andy Levy
I really enjoy my job. I became a full-time production DBA about 14 months ago and it has been an overwhelmingly positive move. I work for a good company and with a terrific group of people. Many days, I have to force myself to leave the office because I was so engrossed in a task and just didn’t want to set it aside. But there’s something that not everyone might consider before taking on this job.

One Line of Code Is All It Takes

Andy Levy
This tweet showed up in the dbatools Slack channel Friday afternoon. Just did my first Pull Request to "contribute" to @psdbatools. Granted, the code change was a single line of code that was spoon-fed to me... but it's still my 1st PR ever! Life. Changed. Special thanks to @cl for the spoon, and @wsmelton for the PR assistance. :) #dbatools — John G Hohengarten #BlackLivesMatter (@wsuhoey) November 17, 2017 My first thought was “huh?

How I Became a...SQL Server DBA

Andy Levy
Kevin Hill mentioned this idea/series on a SQL community slack channel back in April and I thought it would be a good way to get back to blogging. The timing worked out well as I had just started a new job, my first with the official title of “SQL Server DBA.” So how’d I get here? School In college, I took a single database course. I’d messed around with Microsoft Access a bit, but wanted to get a better handle on what I was doing.

Why Ask Why?

Andy Levy
Spend any time around a 4 year old, and you will inevitably find yourself involved in a conversation which evolves into this: Please do this thing Why? Reasonable answer Why? Restatement of reasonable answer Why? Shorter, more frustrated restatement of reasonable answer Why? Because that’s what has to be done Why? Because Why? I give up. Go ask your other parent It’s a simple, but powerful and important question. The trouble is that when it’s a 4 year old asking it, in a lot of cases they can’t understand the answer.

PASS Summit: Things to Do, People to See

PASS Summit is nearly upon us. I’m excited to be attending my second Summit in Seattle and cannot wait to get there to see everyone. With one Summit and a few SQL Saturdays under my belt I’ve got a laundry list of things and people I can’t miss, and very little time to pack it all into. Let’s Meet! The greatest part of Summit (and SQL Saturday) for me is meeting people and exchanging ideas.