Andy Levy profile pic I am a geek, husband, father, RVer, geocacher, DBA, unabashed PowerShell fan, and connoisseur of dad jokes (not in that order). I’ve been in IT professionally for over two decades doing web development, system integration and presently database administration. When I’m not picking queries apart and wrangling an unruly herd of databases, I’m making BBQ ribs for my daughter, relaxing by a campfire, mentoring TAN[X]or planning the next family vacation with my wife.

My pronouns are he & him

When I attended my first PASS Summit in 2012, I started forming ideas for some projects I could work on that would help me learn new ways to use the tools I’ve been using at work for years. And I decided that if I document it well along the way, I can blog about it and contribute something back to the community while I’m at it.

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