Spring 2024 Speaking Engagements

I will be presenting Answering the Auditor’s Call with Automation at two upcoming events, one virtual and one in-person.

  1. DBA Fundamentals Virtual User Group Tuesday, April 9 2024 at Noon EDT
  2. Capital Area SQL Server User Group on Monday, May 13th at 5:30 PM.

As DBAs, we’re called on regularly to produce documentation for security & compliance audits. Being able to show who has what level of access to an instance is the minimum, but we’re often asked for more. Collecting this information and compiling it into something usable by auditors could take you hours or even days. But with automation, you can pull it all together in a matter of minutes while you’re getting that second cup of coffee from the kitchen.

Through the PowerShell demos presented in this session, you’ll learn how to build documentation of your backup regimen, who has access to your databases, and show that you’re staying current with SQL Server patches from Microsoft. Whether you have one SQL Server instance or one hundred, you’ll be able to create a script to automatically format this data so that it’s usable for your auditors - and hopefully be so complete that you don’t receive follow-up questions.

This session is mostly demos and I hope that you’ll learn something new about PowerShell along the way as well. Please join us!