Slides & Demos for Backup Basics with PowerShell & dbatools

I had the honor of presenting a new session, Backup Basics with PowerShell and dbatools, at the first Ohio North Database Training meeting this evening. Thank you to the group leaders for the opportunity and to everyone who attended.

Because this was both a brand new session and an attempt at a new way of delivering the presentation, I had a couple tech glitches but things went pretty well once they were understood and ironed out. Definitely room for improvement next time!

I’ve posted the PowerPoint presentation and Azure Data Studio notebook used for the demos to GitHub.

Cleveland is a second home to me for #sqlfamily and it was great getting to see folks and hang out for a bit, even if it wasn’t in person. 

I’ll be following up with another post soon to answer a question that was raised about one of the demos.

Thanks again to everyone who attended tonight for your time, questions, and feedback. I hope the next time we do this, we’ll all be together in one place.