SQL New Blogger Challenge November 2015 Edition - Week 3 Digest

This week’s #sqlnewblogger posts!

Author Post
@eleightondick [[T-SQL Tuesday] Data modeling: The trouble with prefixes
@tomsql Adventures With TomSQL, aka Tom Staab
@EdDebug [Automatically name primary key constraints in SSDT
@rabryst Born SQL on Twitter: “Temporal Tables - Under the Covers with the Transaction Log. 
@YatesSQL [Community Involvement–Why Wait?
@cjsommer [Identity Column Increment Value (EVEN/ODD)
@DBA_ANDY Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY: CHECKDB - The database could not be exclusively locked to perform the operation
@ALevyInROC Selectively Locking Down Data – Gracefully – The Rest is Just Code
@eleightondick [SQLNewBlogger, Week 3
@tomsql Being Our Collective Best
@SQLMickey [T-SQL Tuesday #72 Summary – Data Modeling Gone Wrong