SQL New Blogger Challenge November 2015 Edition - Week 2 Digest

This week’s #sqlnewblogger posts!

Author Post
@arrowdrive Anders On SQL: T-SQL Tuesday #72: Data modelling gone extremely wrong
@rabryst Time After Time - An Introduction to Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016 using a DeLorean
@EdDebug [Deploy SSDT INSERTS in Batches
@ALevyInROC Don’t Trust the Wizard
@DBA_ANDY Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY: T-SQL Tuesday #72 - Implicit Conversion Problems
@eleightondick [SQL New Blogger Challenge: Week 1 recap
@eleightondick [SQL New Blogger Challenge: Week 2 ideas
@BeginTry [SQL Server 2012 Upgrade: The RPC Server is Unavailable