Leaving (or minimizing) Twitter

Fairly short post here. Due to the recent events around Twitter (which I will not get into), I’m making an effort to reduce or completely cease my activity on that platform. My Contact page has been updated with all of the below accounts/sites.

I have set up with my current @alevyinroc name on the techhub.social Mastodon instance as a replacement, and I know a number of #sqlfamily folks are moving there and to there federated Mastodon servers. I’m still figuring out some of this Mastodon stuff. Chrissy LeMaire has compiled a good list of tips and starters if you need some help.

I’m also on counter.social as @alevyinroc but that platform seems very flaky, the mobile app isn’t great, and I can’t link direct to my profile as I don’t have a Pro account.

I’ll continue to exist on Instagram and of course LinkedIn as well. If you send a LinkedIn connection request, please drop a note along with the request so I know where you’re coming from.