Blog Changes Coming

Over the next couple days (weeks?), a significant change is coming to my blog (and if you’re reading this text, it’s already happened). I will be leaving Wordpress behind and my current hosting. Replacing it will be an all-new site hosted on Azure Static Sites, with the content written in Markdown and pages generated via the Hugo static site generator.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and the posts from Kendra Little & Cathrine Wilhelmsen about their experiences in making the conversion motivated me to get it done.

This will hopefully spell the end of a few frustrations for me:

  • Dealing with the Wordpress editor and its various constraints
  • Old JSON data being served up instead of post content for a day or so after each new blog post is published (caching from my web host)
  • The ongoing (and increasing) costs of paying for hosting

Short term, I’ll be giving up a few things like comments and photo galleries. I’ll work on bringing those back. And because of a poor decision I made regarding permalinks a few years ago when I moved to this Wordpress instance, some old links may be broken. I can accept that. There are aliases for the most popular posts and over time, I may add more back in. The appearance of the site may change as I experiment with themes before settling on a final one.

The RSS feed will move to, so if you’re subscribed, please re-point your RSS client(s).

I’m looking forward to managing everything through a private Git repository and being able to easily edit anywhere, preview locally, and then publish with a git push. Please bear with me as I work through this migration.