Virtual SQLRun for PASS Summit 2020

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Just because we aren’t all together in Houston doesn’t mean we can’t have a #SQLRun at this year’s Summit. It might even be easier for some folks as there’s no luggage space/weight limits, jet lag or a late night out on Tuesday.

So here’s the deal. A while back, I created a SQLFamily group on Strava. If you’re not already a member of the group, no problem - anyone can join! You can even sync your activity from Garmin and some other platforms if you track things elsewhere.

The group has an event scheduled on Wednesday, November 11th. Run anytime you like that day, whether it’s 6 AM local time (as is tradition for in-person Summit), 6 AM UTC, or any other time of the day you can lace up and put in a few miles. Whether it’ll actually recognize each of our activities as part of that event if we don’t start at the correct time, I honestly don’t know. I guess we’ll figure it out.


Log the effort on Strava and/or post your stats (distance and time) on Twitter with the #SQLRun hashtag. Optional but encouraged: post some pictures and/or a selfie so we can check out the scenery on your route! I’ll tally everything up (either by looking at the event or each person’s activity) and post the aggregate results a few days later - number of participants, total miles, etc.


For me, SQLRun is one of the things that makes Summit feel like Summit. Join me on November 11th. Doesn’t matter your pace or distance - this is a social(ly distanced) group run, after all! We’re doing it to have fun, not to set records.