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We’re at least five weeks into this thing here in New York and while there are some encouraging signs, it’s more likely than not that “non-essential” workers aren’t at the halfway point yet. I’m preparing myself for a few more months, both mentally and in terms of my workspace. Here are a few resources that might help you as you settle into doing this long-term.


Scott Hanselman’s Remote Work blog category. Scott has been a remote employee at Microsoft for over a decade, writing (and speaking) about it with some regularity.

Oleg Dulin: Making the best of remote work

The Holloway Guide to Remote Work


Even if you don’t listen to these podcasts in full, check out the links in the show notes.

Mac Power Users #530: Working From Home

Focused #96 Working from Home

Despite sharing a title and a co-host, these two podcasts take different angles on the topic.

Hanselminutes 723: Surviving as a Remote Tech Employee with Jayson J. Philips

Hanselminutes 732: Guide to Remote Work with Courtney Nash. This podcast is where I heard about the Holloway Guide linked above, so you might want to listen to this if you’re on the fence about reading the 300-page guide.

Keeping the Family Organized

The kids are doing school from home, parents are trying to work and manage the house and help with school work (including tech support). How do you manage it? Try some Agile Project Management for the family!

Hanselminutes 724: Agile Project Management for Families with Yvonne Marcus

Most Important

This is uncharted territory for everyone. Be patient & kind, especially toward yourself. Don’t work extra hours and take breaks. Do video calls with friends, family and colleagues - humans are social creatures and text/voice aren’t enough. Go out for a walk or a hike. Treat yourself every now and then. Even if you can’t go anywhere, use your PTO. Maybe take up a new hobby. Take care of yourself, your health, and your family.