T-SQL Tuesday #121: Gifts Received This Year

Closing out 2019’s T-SQL Tuesday, Mala (blog | twitter) is asking us to reflect on the past twelve months:

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This is a time for material gift giving, for many of us. It might also be a time to consider the many gifts we have received through the year, and perhaps use this opportunity to appreciate people or situations that we were blessed with. So my question would be – what are a few things would you consider as gifts, and why?

I’m publishing this a couple hours late and I’ll admit, I’ve seen a few other folks’ posts which have inspired a few thoughts of my own.

  • An amazing job opportunity came along at the end of the summer. I wasn’t looking to make a change, but amazing things happen when you least expect them. The jump was completed in mid-October and every day, I’m discovering more things to learn and do.
  • I know a few others have written this, but meeting more people in the SQL community and deepening the connections with people I already know has been wonderful. Y’all know who you are, and I am so grateful to know you :)
  • To celebrate a milestone anniversary, my wife & I enjoyed a short vacation. This was the first vacation we’ve had where it was just the two of us since our honeymoon. It was pretty nice.
  • I got a lot more comfortable with saying no. This applies to several contexts, but the most important one is saying no to myself. Over-committing is a habit I’m slowly breaking out of. I’ve learned that it’s OK to not force something into my life just because people expect me to do it. It’s OK to skip a weekly activity every now and then if you decide you just need a break. In a way, 2019 was about the things that I didn’t do as well as the things I did do.