T-SQL Tuesday #122: Imposter Syndrome

Kicking off T-SQL Tuesday for 2020, Jon Shaulis (blog | twitter) challenges us to talk about imposter syndrome:

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I want to read your stories about when you’ve experienced, seen, or overcome imposter syndrome! Was there a job that you felt you were ill-prepared for? Did you make a mistake or did someone say something that made you question if you were a true data professional? Maybe there was a particular task you ran into that made you question your experience? Did you resolve your tasks and succeed in your job? How did you overcome that feeling of being an imposter and solve your challenges? Maybe you haven’t experienced it yourself but you saw someone who was feeling imposter syndrome, were you able to help them?

At the risk of going too meta here, I find myself asking “have I even experienced imposter syndrome? Am I qualified to write a blog post about this?” Which…yeah, ok, that’s probably unfounded because everyone has experienced this, and I’ve probably been experiencing it for more than half my life in one way or another. I can probably trace it back to…

Wait. This 👏 Is 👏 Not 👏 A 👏 Therapy 👏 Session 👏

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Q&A: Dealing with Thousands of Databases

This is part one of a three-part series.

I’ve mentioned in various places, including in blog posts on occasion, that my production SQL Server instance hosts several thousand (nearly 9000 as of this writing) databases. People are usually surprised to hear this and it often leads to interesting conversation.

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A Day in the Life (4/?) – August 2, 2019

This is my fourth installment in a series responding to Steve Jones’s (blog | twitter) #SQLCareer challenge. I jotted down most of what I did through the day, filling a page and then some in a small notebook with timestamps and short reminders of what happened. For more, check out the #SQLCareer hashtag on Twitter.

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

Way back in August, Matt Cushing (blog|twitter) was preparing to teach and asked for a list of “what do you wish you’d known when you started” items that he could present to his students. I threw a barrage of Twitter direct messages at him and he incorporated much of it into his post, but I thought it was worth posting here as well.

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